Hi! I’m Jenna


Welcome! I’m Jenna, a private + group fitness instructor living just across the Hudson River from NYC in Jersey City, NJ. This is my place for all things wellness in and around JC! Between teaching and training my own classes and clients, I love to explore all the unique things our “6th borough” has to offer (and grab a few snacks along the way)! I hope you’ll join me. Here are a few fun facts to help you get to know me!

  1. I LOVE food and I don’t exactly eat the way you’d imagine a fitness instructor would eat (kale is only edible when covered in dressing, IMO). I do my best to incorporate as many healthy foods into my diet as possible, but I eat pizza, French fries, and ice cream as often as I eat carrots and broccoli! It’s all about balance.
  2. When I was growing up I used to bring home every stray animal I found and convince my parents to keep them. I had four dogs, four cats and a guinea pig growing up (thankfully for my parents, not all at the same time)! Now I just have one dog, but my mom still has a dog and two cats that I adopted and left with her.
  3. I grew up in the smallest town EVER. Population less than 2,000. One grocery store, a gas station, and one stop light. I moved across the country for college, and then again after graduation when I moved to Hoboken (and then finally Jersey City.
  4. I never really liked working out even though I was a dancer and runner growing up, but it was instant love when I discovered group cycling and kickboxing classes in college! I’ve been a group fitness addict ever since.
  5. My nails are almost always painted. I do them myself!

Let’s get to know each other! Follow me on Instagram @jennaabarclay + send me a message!

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