My Top 3 Go-To Workouts in NYC

Although I absolutely love the fitness and wellness options we have in Jersey City, one of my favorite activities is to try out the seemingly endless fitness options around New York City. In fact, I think one of the best things about the fitness scene in New York is that there is truly something for everyone. Are you a yogi? There are 4 yoga studios on every block. Love a high-intensity bootcamp class? Boxing? A combination of both? Check, check, and check. There really is a little bit of everything, making it easier for everyone to find that thing – that workout that you love so much that it makes you excited to workout every day. Everyone has those workouts (and if you don’t, get out and try some new things! It’s out there for you) and I’m going to share mine with you.

As much as I love trying a new studio, there’s something about a tried-and-true class or instructor that you know is going to kick your ass and have you feeling so great afterward. Here are my top picks for a good sweat in the city (PLUS two of these three are coming to Hoboken in the near future, so we won’t even have to cross a river to get to them):

SoulCycle Noho neon lights

  1. SoulCycle. I mean, duh. But true confession: I used to hate SoulCycle. As a spin instructor who learned to teach before “bike dancing” was a thing, the first few classes I took felt…a little goofy. I felt like there was not enough cuing for form and attention to resistance just wasn’t there. But the more classes I took, the more I became addicted to the fun of SoulCycle. I’ve found some instructors who I looove who teach classes that are both challenging and safe, and now it’s my top workout to do in the city. There’s just something about moving to the music with everyone around you that feels very therapeutic and motivating at the same time. Plus, soooo much sweat. (And ICYMI, they’re opening in uptown Hoboken soon!)


  1. SLT. Holy shit, you guys. This class is hard. I love Pilates classes because I can feel every tiny little muscle working, and SLT takes that feeling and multiplies it by like, 100. The Megaformer machine is like a Pilates reformer/torture device used to tone the entire body through moves with names like “scrambled eggs” and “mermaid”. The moves are performed very slowly but the instructors take you from one thing to the next quickly without a rest, so you never stop moving. I love the physical challenge, but I also love how mentally challenging it is. Convincing yourself to keep going when you’ve been in a lunge position for 5 minutes is seriously difficult! (Exciting News – SLT is also coming to uptown Hoboken…rumor has it as soon as October 2017!)


  1. Barry’s Bootcamp. In a world full of gimmicky, super-specialized workout classes, Barry’s sticks to the basics: simple body weight and weight training exercises paired with interval running on the treadmill. Put those two together and you get one of the most well-rounded, efficient, and effective workouts around. Each day the exercises focus on different muscle groups so you really feel the burn, or you can opt for a weekend class and hit the entire body in one class! It’s tough, but you’ll feel seriously amazing afterward!

There you go – my top three faves in NYC. What are yours?

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